Doctor Who…Doctor WHO….DOCTOR WHO? “Just Hold On & Pretend it’s a Plan”

 Folks it has taken threat of great upheaval it get this post done. My apologies but the rest of life some times gets in the way of writing, I am in beginnings of a new business, Chay Lyn is in Paris (yes don’t we all feel sorry for her) & the big news Kelly’s expecting (Whoo Hoo!) & wrestling with unending morning sickness. But She called me this morning

Kelly:saying have you heard the rumours bout Doctor Who

Me, nervously: Uh no?

Kelly: Well if you are ever gonna do a story about Moffat/Smith’s Doctor sounds like it might be now or never….. Complete silence on my end, she pauses, understanding I need a minute to compose myself.  

I finally manage to get out the words: “It’s too soon”.

Kelly in her best mom voice: “I know sweetie, I know….”

For anyone thinking what a bunch of pathetic losers to be upset over a tv show, let me assure you, that all of us have busy & fulfilling lives. We will also not lock ourselves in our rooms sobbing hysterically( but I will consider holding my breath till I turn”Tardis blue”) However for busy working class moms, our main source of escape as we can’t afford trips to the spa or Hawaii, is TV.  It’s affordable & accessible to us. Good TV is even more important & this has not been a banner year for keeping some our favorites We first lost Leverage(which has been My 2 in my list of Fav.s) in December & the News just recently that this will be Burn Notice’s last year, knocks another down. While there’s no way Doctor Who( My #1 Show)  is being cancelled but  rumours of a big change DO NOT make me happy. So for anyone who doesn’t watch the show let me tell you a bit about it.

Doctor Who has been around for 50 years. It is about a 1000 year old  Time Lord who  travels through space & time having adventures & saving the universe. I will never be able to tell you all of the things that make this show different & wonderful but I start with some basic facts.The Doctor is a Time Lord, whose past has many secrets some very dark. He travels in the Tardis a living time machine that looks like a police box, that he stole to see the universe . He travels to different times & worlds sometimes to help people in trouble sometimes just looking for a bit of fun, but even then trouble ensues. It’s one thing you can count on if the doctor’s there troubles coming. The 2nd thing you can count on is The Doctor will save us from it.

The show of course is Science Fiction, but it gets to you in away, most Scfi Shows can’t seem to manage through your heart.  most Science fiction is gadget heavy, spaceships & battles among the stars which many times dominate the stories. The good ones are thought provoking , exciting or scary. They also must have well written characters who fans can care about & root for, but even these special ones rarely seem to affect us like Doctor Who. Why? Not sure there is one or easy answer to that but I’ve got my opinions. One is focusing on people, don’t get me wrong there are some gadgets in Doctor Who, But won’t you won’t find The Doctor carrying is a gun, laser or phaser, he carries a screwdriver, sonic screwdriver. Then there’s his ship.

It’s not new for a space ships to be a main focus of a show, even seem like a character in the show. Take the USS Enterprise a ship so beloved,that  in the theater watching Star Trek Search for Spock I heard gasps & sniffling when it was destroyed. Plus Star Trek fans managed to convince , President Ford to rename the space shuttle Constitution,  Enterprise. But with the exception of one episode of TNG. The enterprise was just a ship, ok a great ship (calm down Trekkie I am you).

But the Tardis is living being with a mind, temperament, feelings, who quite often will override the Doctor’s judgement . (Doctor: “You haven’t always taken me where I wanted to go” Tardis: ” No but I’ve always taken you where you needed to go” – “The Doctors wife”) But with the exception of the above episode, the Tardis does not speak or communicate directly with the Doctor, but their relationship even though it’s quite often nothing but subtext is the strongest he has & the only consistent one in his life.

Another  wonderful thing is that about  Doctor Who is it’ so humanny whoumny. The Doctor alien being loves humans even when he’s mad at us, when we’ve screwed up, he has faith that we can & will be better. Something he needs to believe about himself, which is why he travels with Human companions  He needs them to help in many ways to be his conscience.. there have been many wonderful companions,s all of whom, the Doctor cares for deeply. But as he does not die, he must always lose them eventually, devastating to him & fans a like. While a change in companion is always emotional, the change of Doctors is worse. Since the show has been around so long he’s changed many times, 11 to be exact. You see the Doctor doesn’t die, he regenerates into a new body & while he is still The Doctor with all the old memories, He is also someone new. For it’s not just his appearance that changes, his personality & it seems a bit of his soul does too & for fans it is always hard.

For each time the Doctor regenerates, The fan’s Doctor dies and is replaced with what feels like an interloper, an imposter, stealing Our Doctors life before we’ve had a chance to grieve. It’s a tricky thing to manage for any TV show & quite impossible for a lesser show to pull off( the switch of a main character has been the end of many shows).Bu some how Doctor Who has managed it 11 times. Not to say that all fans love every Doctor & everyone has their favorite, but somehow we come to love the new Doctor. But The “doctor fans watched as a kid usually is their favorite.Which is my Favorite? Well…

Ok I know this is going to sound like a cop out, but it’s true, I tend to like who ever is the current one the best at least so far… Hey I’m fickle, love the one you’re with & all that. Of course I  didn’t get to see many episodes growing up, But the first Doctor I was introduced to was Tom Bakers The 4th Doctor. However I do remember coming across Aliens of London & World War Three on Scfi in 2006 by accident, I had not even heard that the show was back . Now the farting Slitheen’s while funny for a minute or two almost had me writing it off, Eccleston’s Doctor & Rose’s chemistry with Harriet Jones pulled me back & “The Empty Child” cemented me as a fan. Not spending a lot of time online at that time I had heard nothing about there being a change of doctor’s before I watched the final episode of season 1& boy was I not happy.

My first reaction to David Tennant‘s appearance was “They really want us to believe this young pretty boy is the Doctor not freakin likely. Now don’t take that the wrong way all of the Doctors have been handsome but rarely in hollywood , male model way. I was so not happy. While I recorded the new episodes as they came on, it was while before I watched them When I sat down to the “Christmas Invasion” I had no doubts it wouldn’t be good. So after watching I said, it wasn’t as bad a I thought, (It was actually good but I wasn’t ready to admit that yet ) But it didn’t really take long before David Tennant won me over “School Reunion” was it for me, he had me completely all the way & kept me through season four. This time I was prepared for a new Doctor but was still not happy about it. So when Matt Smith appeared, What’s was first reaction “Oh my god he’s a kid!

Yes another gorgeous one but that didn’t upset me anymore but I was shocked at how young he looked, again I set my teeth to grinding know this couldn’t possible be good… I was sooo wrong. In Matt Smith’s first episode The” Eleventh Hour” it took 9 minutes. During the 1st eight minutes I’m thinking, funny very funny, then it happened, Matt Smith’s Doctor had this exchange with young Amelia Pond.

Amelia:   I’m not scared! 

The Doctor: Of course you’re not! You’re not scared of anything! Box falls out of the sky, man falls out of the box, man eats fish custard, and look at you! Just sitting there! So you know what I think?


The Doctor:   Must be a hell of a scary crack in your wall.

At that point He was the Doctor. He had just spent what I would think in TV time was an hour or two thinking about himself,  His Tardis crashed, in the middle of regenerating, needing food & complaining about everything a little girl cooks for him. Then seemingly out of the blue he remembers one of the first things she asked him hours ago about a crack in her wall. Self absorption melting into curiosity& concern for her, admiration of her bravery,along with his instinct that something is not quite right in her house. completely the Doctor. I think “The Eleventh Hour” is my favorite Doctor Who episode but sometimes it’s hard to decide. Vincent & the Doctor is another( I cry every time I watch it).

In 9 minutes Matt Smith & Steven Moffat’s Doctor won my heart & they ‘ve kept it. Now they’re breaking it AGAIN! So while I’m prepared again to have to say goodbye to the Doctor & then hello again I’m not happy about it. Will the New Doctor win me over  I hope so will it be alike Tennant’s in a few episodes, Hope so. But is there a chance of doing it in less than 10 minutes is I doubt it.

Of course that’s part of greatness that is Doctor Who, that the one’s who have come before, have made us love them so much we never think we’ll feel that way again.

So Steven Moffat prove us wrong… we dare you….& Matt Smith, Good luck, Bless You & Thank You!
For the rest of  my fellow Whovians “Just Hold on & Pretend it’s a Plan



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